Miss K Alexander

School Direct

I chose to train at St Bede's because it is an outstanding school and I felt that the school ethos made a welcoming and supportive environment that would help me as I learned.

School Direct was the perfect way for me to train. Being in school from day one helped me to learn quickly and the support and experience of my mentor helped me to grow in confidence. I quickly became part of the school community which helped me immensely when teaching.

The year of training saw me grow in so many ways including the importance of setting high expectations in the classroom and fostering good relationships with students.

I felt very lucky to be completing my NQT year in the Geography Department at St Bede's and I'm excited to continue my journey as a teacher here. I know that their continued support will help me on my way.

Miss K Martin

School Direct

I started at St. Bede's as a Schools Direct trainee in the Maths Department after graduating from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh with a degree in Mathematics.  I received excellent support from my subject and school mentor and from everyone in the department. 

The school ran great training sessions for trainees that helped me to improve and gave me practical advice that I was able to take into the classroom.

All of the staff at St. Bede's have been very welcoming and supportive!

Mrs N Juncar

School Direct

I joined St Bede's in September 2013, after graduating from the Open University, as part of the pioneering School Direct initiative. From the several schools in the North East offering the new-style training placements, I chose St Bede's because of its commitment to the community; its excellent track record in student performance regionally; and for its "Outstanding" reputation, which has been cemented nationally by Ofsted.

The application process was coordinated with extreme efficiency from start to finish and I am delighted to now be a part of such a dynamic and innovative team. The opportunities for training and professional development are faultless, with regular sessions for new and experienced teachers, which are effectively designed to equip staff with new tools and skills that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

The working environment is incredibly warm and welcoming, with colleagues from all departments willing to offer guidance, advice and support. The children and young people are a delight to teach and I am very pleased that I have been given the opportunity to transfer my skills from a job in journalism for teaching English. With St Bede's support, I am looking forward to a very long, happy and rewarding career in the classroom.

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