Our Expectations

All members will:

  • work collaboratively and inclusively to achieve the aims and objectives of the Alliance;

  • adopt, where appropriate, any policies developed;

  • consider the involvement of the alliance in school improvement planning;

  • subject to capacity, supply system leaders to support the alliance;

  • explain and promote the work of the alliance to non-alliance schools and providers;

  • respect the sensitive nature of some of the alliance’s work and maintain confidentiality;

  • understand the need to work with strategic partners to quality assure the work of the alliance.

  • All Alliance members will be invited to attend a termly meeting. Members are encouraged to attend the meeting, send a representative in their place, or send apologies. If a member does not attend two consecutive meetings, the board will consider the circumstances and take a decision regarding their continued involvement.

Financial Management

St Bede’s (through their governance structure) will be responsible for all matters of finance of Teaching School business. Deployment of Alliance staff will follow the regional benchmarks agreed by the North East Teaching Schools (NETS). Where Alliance staff joint plan events etc. any proceeds will be shared.

Benefits of being part of the Teaching School Alliance

Benefits include:

  • opportunities for trainee teachers in partner organisations to learn from some of the best teachers locally, supported by a culture of coaching and mentoring.

  • school-based, classroom focused professional development tailored to the specific needs of staff in your organisation.

  • talented staff within your partner organisations have increased opportunities to develop and share their practice, building their leadership skills and professional expertise.

  • designation and brokering of Specialist Leaders of Educations (SLEs) who are capable of providing specific dedicated coaching, mentoring and professional development.

  • contributions to the development of local succession planning arrangements to ensure a future supply of highly skilled leaders in local schools.

  • leadership and co-ordination of the provision for school-to-school support including working informally with other schools to address specific issues identified by Ofsted or the school.